1. Desktop usage license.
  2. Web usage license.

End User License Agreement

This is an agreement between you (as a purchaser) and Eko Bimantara (copy right holder of the fonts). In accepting the terms of this agreement, you acknowledge understanding and promise to comply with its terms.

What you are purchasing from Eko Bimantara is the license to use digital typeface software – hereafter “fonts” – on one or multiple computers within your personal or your company’s or your organization’s. You are not purchasing the copyright to the design of the fonts, but the rights to use the fonts.

A. License Grants

By purchasing and downloading this font software, Eko Bimantara granted you non-exclusive license to install, access and use the Fonts.

These licenses are limited based on the variation of usage (desktop and web) which includes number of desktop users and web visitors where this font software will be installed or embedded. These licenses of font usage and amount limitations are determined when you have made a purchase of the fonts.

You can install and use font software on the computers with a number of copies limited to the number of users.

You may embed fonts to websites based on the limitation of the pageviews.

B. General Usage

B.1. You may using this fonts for personal and commercial purposes.
B.2. You may make a back-up copies of the Font Software for archive purposes only for your personal and your company or organization computers.
B.3. You may edit and modify the typographic elements provided by the fonts. Please note that the copyright of the fonts still remain by Eko Bimantara.
B.4. For webfont usage, you can provide third party, which have a commercial cooperation with you or your organization, a copy of the font software for a specified project scope, only to implement the font software into websites.

C. Restriction

C.1. All fonts provided remains the intellectual property of Eko Bimantara. Therefore, you may not modify, alter, disassemble or rename the font software. This applies also to the code inside the font files.
C.2. Transfering the font files outside your own personal or your company’s computers or workstations in a purpose to share or distribute the font files to peoples, companies, or organizations which have no commercial cooperation with you or your company or your organization.
C.3. Selling the fonts or selling an access to the font files.
C.4. Modifying the font files in a purpose to make a new fonts from the purchased fonts.
C.5. Selling or distributing the modified version of the fonts.
C.6. Font software should not be installed or used on servers that can be accessed via the Internet, through other external network systems (systems other than LAN) or by workstations that are not part of a licensed unit.
C.7. For website usage, company or organization such as an advertising agency, web design agency, or hosting provider that responsible for several of its client’s websites must have separate agreements for each of the client’s websites.

D. Limitation of Liability

Eko Bimantara does not responsible for you or other third party for any damages, including lost of profits, lost of data, lost of business opportunity cause by the fonts usage.

E. Termination

This agreement will automatically terminate if you fail to comply with its terms. If any part of the EULA is found to be invalidated and cannot be implemented.

Last updates in October 2020