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The period in European history known as the Classical era begins with the rise of the ancient Greek city-states. Greek influence reached its peak under Alexander the Greats empire, which spread throughout Asia. Northern and western Europe is dominated by the La Tène culture, the predecessors of the Celts. Rome, a small city-state, traditionally founded in 753 BC, grew into the Roman Republic in 509 BC and then replaced Greek culture as the dominant Mediterranean civilization.


Few typefaces can capture the essence of both classic and experimental styles. But with Arcuata, designers can indulge in a unique and distinct typeface that marries traditional elements with modern sensibilities. Drawing inspiration from the Roman typefaces of the 1400s, Arcuata features soft curves and gentle serifs that lend a timeless quality to the font. Designed with readability and legibility in mind, Arcuata is the perfect choice for long-form text, editorial work, and print applications.

Arcuata’s style is characterized by its clean and flowing curves, which give the font its unique personality. The font’s uncial letterforms, including the ‘a’ and ‘d’ glyphs, add an extra touch of character to the typeface. Additionally, Arcuata comes with a set of decorative capital letters and ligatures that enable designers to add an extra layer of visual interest to their projects.

The complete Arcuata font family includes 10 styles, ranging from Light to ExtraBold, each with matching italics. Its versatility makes it a suitable font family for a wide range of design applications, including book layout, editorial design, and branding. With over 400 glyphs supporting broad Latin languages, Arcuata is the perfect typeface for designers looking for a classic yet experimental font that combines elegance and readability.


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