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The period in European history known as the Classical era begins with the rise of the ancient Greek city-states. Greek influence reached its peak under Alexander the Greats empire, which spread throughout Asia. Northern and western Europe is dominated by the La Tène culture, the predecessors of the Celts. Rome, a small city-state, traditionally founded in 753 BC, grew into the Roman Republic in 509 BC and then replaced Greek culture as the dominant Mediterranean civilization.


Flinders is a modern humanist sans serif font family designed by Eko Bimantara in 2023. This typeface is intended to be used for various reading purposes and has letterforms optimized for legibility and ease of reading. The styles of Flinders are a sans serif interpretation of classical roman proportions, characterized by a low x-height, subtle calligraphic strokes, angled stroke ends, and open counters and apertures.

Flinders is a versatile typeface that is readable in both large and small sizes. Its legibility makes it an excellent choice for body text in books, magazines, and newspapers, while its modern design and open counters make it well-suited for digital screens and web design. Flinders can also be used for branding and identity design, as well as packaging and signage.

Overall, Flinders is a contemporary and readable typeface that is suitable for a wide range of design projects. Its humanist characteristics and modern design make it a unique and versatile option for designers looking for a typeface that combines classical proportions with contemporary style.


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