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Technology has affected society and its surroundings in many ways. In many societies, technology has helped improve the economy (including todays global economy) and has made it possible to increase inequality. Many technological processes produce unwanted by-products called pollutants and deplete natural resources, harm and damage the Earth and its environment.


Hando Soft is a variant of Hando neo grotesk sans family. Each letter on Hando Soft has curve strokes end, which gives a soft and more ease-looking letterforms. Check Hando sans family here: Hando

Hando is a modern, functional, and minimalist sans-serif font that draws inspiration from the Neo Grotesk style. As one of the most popular font styles, Hando offers a wide range of usage possibilities. Its low x-height and variety of light size options make it an excellent choice for reading, while its tenuous white spaces in the counter letterforms make it legible enough to be recognized from a distance. The curve tensions on the circular letterforms create a futuristic impression, adding a touch of modernity to any design.

With its sleek and simple strokes, Hando is perfect for a broad range of design purposes. The font family consists of 10 styles from Hairline to Black, each with matching obliques, providing designers with the flexibility they need to create a variety of designs. Hando also contains more than 440 glyphs that support a broad range of Latin languages, making it a versatile choice for international projects.

In addition to its core design features, Hando also includes various OpenType features such as stylistic alternates and variations of figures, enabling designers to add their unique touch to their designs. The font’s minimalist style makes it an ideal choice for a variety of design fields, including editorial design, branding, logo design, web design, and more. Its futuristic vibe makes it particularly suitable for designs related to technology, innovation, and science.

Overall, Hando is a modern and functional font that blends minimalist design with futuristic elements, making it an excellent choice for designers looking to create bold and contemporary designs. Its wide range of styles and OpenType features make it a versatile font family that can be used in a variety of design fields, while its legibility and readability make it a practical choice for designs that require clear and straightforward communication.


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