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Manju is a friendly, soft, and retro font family that is inspired by the 70s styles. It has a chewy and soft feel, making it a unique addition to any design project. The font is suitable for various design fields such as display, titling, logos, headers, and large size usage. The light styles of the font can also be used for short text. Manju consists of 10 styles, ranging from thin to black, with matching obliques, giving designers a wide range of options to choose from.

The Manju font family is designed with several opentype features such as alternates and ligatures that provide designers with the ability to customize their designs. The font family is also compatible with broad latin languages, which makes it a versatile font to use for a wide range of design projects. The friendly and retro feel of Manju makes it an excellent choice for branding and marketing materials for companies that want to showcase their fun and approachable side.

The soft and chewy characteristics of Manju make it a great font family for designs that require a unique and playful touch. It is perfect for a wide range of design projects such as advertising, packaging, posters, banners, and more. Its retro feel also makes it a popular choice for designs that require a vintage look and feel.


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