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Technology has affected society and its surroundings in many ways. In many societies, technology has helped improve the economy (including todays global economy) and has made it possible to increase inequality. Many technological processes produce unwanted by-products called pollutants and deplete natural resources, harm and damage the Earth and its environment.


Mollen is a highly functional sans-serif font family that features a cohesive and visually striking super family of fonts. The glyphs are meticulously designed with a focus on simplicity and clarity, employing clean forms with low contrast strokes and a rounded ‘o’ in the normal width, and a combination of diagonal and straight cuts on terminals and finials. The capital letters are low, with a flat top and short descenders, creating a balanced and modern look. This makes Mollen the perfect choice for designers seeking a sleek, contemporary typeface for modern, cutting-edge projects.

Mollen is available in 48 fonts with 8 weights ranging from Thin to ExtraBold and 3 widths including Condensed, Narrow and Normal, each with its matching italics. This extensive range of options provides designers with maximum flexibility and allows them to choose the perfect font for any project, from branding and advertising to digital and print design. Additionally, Mollen includes 425 glyphs and several opentype features, making it an incredibly versatile and functional font that can be used across a variety of industries.

Mollen’s modern and functional design combined with its broad range of font options and opentype features make it an ideal choice for designers seeking a highly functional, cohesive, and visually striking typeface. With its clear and legible letterforms, Mollen is the perfect font for modern design projects that require a strong, contemporary aesthetic.


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